Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education

Promoting Research in Medical Education

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Across 4 days in Toronto, we’re bringing together experts and budding scholars in continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing medical education (CME).

Designed for both experienced and novice individuals who are looking to advance their research, evaluation, and scholarly skills, you’ll learn how to incorporate the latest research and scholarship into your CPD/CME practice.

You’ll have the chance to develop your expertise in the investigation and evaluation of learning and change in CPD/CME. The small group and intensive nature of this program allows attendees to network with professionals who are leading the evolution in CPD/CME research. With a focus on interactive learning, breakout discussion, and knowledge generation, you’ll be prepared to take the next step in your career within CPD/CME and contribute to the scholarship of CPD/CME.

Ready to catalyze your knowledge and skills to make a lasting impact in CPD/CME? Join us in Toronto for a week of connection and collaboration.

Target Audience

We invite participation from individuals interested in beginning or honing research in CPD/CME. This includes researchers, scholars, and medical educators, as well as CPD/CME professional services staff whose work touches upon CPD/CME program development, accreditation, and evaluation.


The Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME) is committed to being the leading academic society that advances the field of continuing education and professional development in the health professions in the best interests of clinicians, patients, and communities.

Through leadership and collaboration, we foster scholarship in continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing medical education (CME) to advance: health equity, the practice and value of CPD/CME, clinician practice and well-being, patient care, and health of the public.